The top-of-the-line Zebco 33® Platinum Spincast Reel. This new reel worked just like I had expected it too. Sturdy all-metal body, 5 bearings, Continuous Anti-Reverse™ and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. USD $0.00. The list below shows all the kayak brands that have been reviewed by our editors and community members. Sturdy all-metal body, 5 bearings, Instant Anti-Reverse clutch and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. I have been through about 8 of these reels in the past years. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Like any fishing reel, if you use crap line, you will get crap results. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors, Free Shipping Now they are very cheaply made. Is there a way to make the reel stop doing this since my 5 year old will not stop stop reeling in reverse. and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. This is certified platinum. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. USD $0.00. Zebco … The durable 33 Platinum Reel comes equipped with all-metal body, gears, 4 stainless steel bearings and an instant anti-reverse clutch — so you’re ready to go toe-to-fin with the best of ‘em. Select how many times you have used this product. 6 Fishing Reels in need of repair or parts. New for 2019, the Zebco Bullet is now available as a combo. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. Pre-spooled with 10 lb. The reel comes spooled with 95 yards of 10-pound test. Customer Q&A are not compatible with your browser. Enter the specific model of equipment. Super easy to use and the 5 bearings is nice. anti-reverse. Zebco 33 Platinum Spincast Reel, 5 Ball Bearings (4 + Clutch), Instant Anti-Reverse with a Smooth Dial-Adjustable Drag, Powerful All-Metal Gears and Spooled with 10-Pound Cajun Line. Bid with confidence. Specs. The joint lines where different materials and parts of the reel come together are actually very good but the handle and knobs do exhibit a bit of play in them. addy17377 = addy17377 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; line 5BB 4.1:1 10/95 9.7oz Comes with a cork handle rod and lures to get you out to your spot and fishing right away! zebco 33 rhino max. Which line is best for a zebco 33 mono, fluoro, or braided. How well did this item hold up against the rigors of kayak fishing? Warranty & Returns. Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. 33 platinum that has been a decent reel for me, and it does pretty well with 10 lb. Just About Everything® It’s the 33 everyone knows and loves — and the best one to boot. How about the Zebco 33 Platinum? Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information. SPYN™ Combo. Contact Us Fish will practically feel honored to be caught. document.getElementById('cloak17377').innerHTML = ''; The others are in need of parts or repair. I have caught over 3000 fish...", "Overall this is a top quality spincast reel. I used it in our local tournament last Friday and it worked great. Zebco 33 Authentic Schematic. The Zebco 33 platinum combo features the same reel described above. After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. Zebco's all-new Spyn reels feature a continuous anti-reverse system, aluminum spool and super tough titanium-nitride plated bail wire and line roller. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 22. Redesigned in 2004, the Zebco 33 Authentic includes an ergonomically correct casting button. Cajun Line. How was the overall fit and finish for this product? Pre-spooled with 10lb. 33® Mirco Triggerspin Combo With our famous easy-casting Zebco 33® triggerspin paired with a durable Z-glass rod that's perfect for going after panfish, catfish and bass at your favorite spot. Im actually using this over my bait caster at the moment, just because of the more versatile it is. The drag system is junk. USD $0.00. There are several different versions of the Zebco 33, but they all generally function in the same way. The durable 33 Platinum has sturdy all-metal body and gears, 4 stainless steel bearings and an instant anti-reverse clutch and a 4.7:1 gear ratio for smooth, and fast retrieves. Keep tabs on all the latest from YakAngler. All they used was zebco 33's, and regular versions at that and they were an amazing reel. View Product #2 Zebco 33PL602M, 10C, NS3 Zebco 33Pl/plc602m Platinum Combo. View Product #5 Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel. //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. document.getElementById('cloak17377').innerHTML += '' + addy17377+'<\/a>'; It looks like you're using an older web browser. To benefit from additional security and for a better experience on MidwayUSA, please update your browser or try a new one using the links provided. I give you a quick look at the Zebco 33 Platinum fishing reel, and discuss a couple snags I've had with it. Johnwest2u - 03/12/2018 Reply. It either slips when retrieving just your lure or a fish sometimes. Appropriately named Bullet - it‘s faster than all spincast reels. 100% positive feedback. The afore mentioned Bite Alert lever doubles as the reel's back-reeling button. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Zebco's top-of-the-line Zebco 33 spincast. 33 Platinum Spincast Reel 10Our top-of-the-line Zebco 33® spincast. Overall this is a top quality spincast reel. Sturdy all-metal body, 5 bearings, Instant Anti-Reverse clutch and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. //