Normally it runs at 210 or below. In the Territory where the temps you guys are experiencing are normal an LS1's cooling system holds up fine. /Filter /FlateDecode >> Free reving (or worse - racing) on an engine that has not fully reached it's oil operating temperature is extremely dangerous. Mine runs at 210 and up sometimes. Normal operating temp on 5.3 with AFM. %PDF-1.4 x��}ˎ,9��>�"�Zd������Y�h �{(��^v�1��zZ�B]��0w:F{����?��������������>c������㣤ѾF{�7���~���(>��#��T���qί��'��e=~�:���k��[��%~������#��US��}~��Q#�9~��?�_-�����U��g��S���~�w{ ��c��Կ� &����g,ž�sdƚ�WƘz�_�AK���ϖ�W�ڽ}������rP�g�Ci��y������mT#����b��g*��k�f��^�1�+��{f_#�'��e2�3K�J�s=��a��|�m��X=k����W�ˆ����?_�zf_͖9��U��f{H>���}��U�k�Ǩ����z�j_�l�؞���s=��\�^�߁oK1�Sl�b�j�ٷ�l�Ŧp��5����+�h�3c�w��t��T���;,��t�a�q���-�_����4��p�l�lT;ǎ+�1j�*=F1�簗G�3ٍۙ=��3���n�!�ql� ֟.[o��?�cc�i��a! Detailed descriptions of each follow. What is dry gas ,is this a old gas additive for moisture ? Anyone on this site still having issues with high temps, should invest in a remote control fob The Hypertech 180ºF thermostat will kick in around 196ºF. Around 190-210 is optimal operating temperature for the LS series engines. One thing that concerned me was the coolant line to/from the iacv. Love this forum. and built this way. alum warps at 245deg. Car is high perf. check the coolant sensor probe, Whats the normal temp specs on the LS2. }��0i����l�% 3w��ݓ��^�+���7OO��i��q��n��N����?���v����'� y�Ϝ����=2�/�N�_�Mhmۍ�6>a���6��Ylk���1���_�4L���r�� temp and oil sending unit ? Depending on your For a dual-purpose car, engine oil temperature needs to be at least 220 degrees F to burn off all the deposits and accumulated water vapor. Posted by Charley on Sep 17th 2019 I replaced the sensor, 1st was an aftermarket from ebay the failed it was replaced by a GM ,that seem to work but the check light stayed on. Car runs anywhere from 245-260 at speed no matter if it's hot or cold out. metals knows that 230deg is to hot. Took it off, cleaned it, looks like it moves. endobj Enjoy. It requires synthetic oil(5W-30) so that it will return to the pan fast enough to keep the pick-up sump from going dry.The engine makes more power and gets better mileage at 198-220 deg. I have not had a problem since I PCM Sensors. Otherwize sounds good. So my buddy has a C4 vette, 1994 (LT1), stock. He called me over and asked if I'd go over some basic troubleshooting as he thinks it's running too hot. This is fine, it is meant to run at this temp. Waste of time and money. The LS1‑UC20E‑1 is a powerful 20 W pendant sphere loudspeaker, intended for high quality speech and music reproduction. My 2008 always runs 210 degrees also to which was causing me concern. thermostat hurt anything? Ive owned over 20 ls1 cars, from z28's ws6's to regular c5's and z06s. Fireproof fiberglass sleeving used in high-temp sections near the manifold & turbo (-40°C/-40°F to 450°C/ 845°F operating temperature) Point-to-Point continuity tested on every wire; Constructed using exact OEM connectors and seals; Made with high temp TXL wire with adhesive shrink tubing (-40°C/-40°F to 125°C/ 257°F operating temperature) LS1 3 Wire Coolant Temperature Sensor Wiring Connecto. When possible, you should always allow the engine to warm up prior to driving. I had the radiator, thermostat, resevoir tank, cap and water pump replaced last month. As long as I'm going at least 35 mph or higher, the engine temperature stays around 190 degrees (the thermostat is a 180-degree unit), which indicates to me that the radiator by itself is … Yes this is normal, Your LS engine is a very tight tolerance engine. It needs to go to where ffirst,, I needs at the very leastl, for the transmission to shift and transm to work. What is the safe temperature operating range for 2010 Camaro 1SS (L99 Automatic's) engine's coolant? I have the same problem on my 88 prelude. The cooling fan is programed to come on at 228degrees so it sounds like everything is working right. 447 Great Deals out of 14,578 listings starting at, 573 Great Deals out of 26,171 listings starting at, 116 Great Deals out of 3,210 listings starting at, 2,906 Great Deals out of 122,274 listings starting at, 131 Great Deals out of 4,303 listings starting at, 1,304 Great Deals out of 63,759 listings starting at, 13 Great Deals out of 684 listings starting at, 15 Great Deals out of 409 listings starting at, 4 Great Deals out of 96 listings starting at, 12 Great Deals out of 385 listings starting at, 21 Great Deals out of 458 listings starting at, what is normal operating temp for 85 vette, my 1999 c5 corvette temp stays aroumd 220 always if in heavy traffic 225-230 is this normal, 84 rag vet tuned port 350 auto. 28 0 obj 5. Great investment. Go to SACCITYCORVETTES.COM. The first thing we should briefly discuss becomes the location of the Chevrolet coolant temperature sensor. Anyone Trust me , Everything is fine with your car. The state‑of‑the‑art design is ... Operating temperature -25 ºC to +55 ºC (-13 ºF to +131 ºF) Storage and transport temperature-40 ºC to +70 ºC ( … 1984 red rag Tuned port 350 auto what is the common running temp? but these Cars have alum heads and Just a quick question, about the operating temperature of my 05’ 2005HD 6.0 liter. Occasionally, drop down to 192, but I've seen this with the stock tstat too. your fans to start at 200deg. The only thing I think that would be bad about having them on all the time is eventually wearing the electric motors out faster. In the Territory where the temps you guys are experiencing are normal an LS1's cooling system holds up fine. So, check to make sure there’s no coolant leak before getting a new sensor. mine seems to run up to 210 and 220 is this Normal. stream C4 operating temperature question. for the secondary fan. Transmission will not shift at 280 from low . Ok, sure thing. Jun 24 2014, 5:50pm. May 21 2014, 4:15pm. They are designed to mix and burn best under fairly specific conditions.. they didn't just pick factory thermostat temperature out of a hat. I run a 160F Thermostat in my car and command temps of between 77-81c a stocker runs at about 95-98c FYI. Mechanic says it’s my idle air control valve. normal operating temperature is reached. I know these comments are 3yrs old His car has not been driven in over two years. is still at 194 degree. Running all stock in the motor bay. ���-���W���*�}�&W����ck^�K1J�pc��hu�jcj� ��_�L��� \�Q\�2���1��m�H�@{A�g/�n��z�����g��z���(�xu�wN㳁��ݶg����-s�Ю�aW@��. LS2 fans cant be set below 192*F (192*F is the first changeable cell in the tune). Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. I had the radiator, thermostat, resevoir tank, cap and water pump replaced last month. Yea thats normal. The computer has a protect mode to keep everything from getting out of hand just in case something goes wrong.Your owners manual will even tell you that if you race,........add an extra quart of oil.Then when your done, remove the extra quart . This is fine, it is meant to run at this temp. Normal. We take the guesswork out of the equation with this handy LS1 sensor swap guide. but I don't care what the manual Driving up the canyon yesterday my temps rose to about 220 - 225 ish. On the V-8 models it's next to the number one spark plug wire boot. Put it back on and engine purred at operating temp. Boughr a 29 vette who would always great me well. The coolant temperature, however, is a different matter. A … My temps are always right at 210 degrees. Im not sure. 8 0 obj LS1s can be set to whatever temperature to turn on. My 96 ran these temps and I fob, you can turn it on anytime. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. If the cylinder heads and engine block are too cold, they will absorb much of the combustion heat before it can be used to push the piston down the cylinder. But don't think that the coolant gauge will tell you this information - it won't. on LS1 swap If you are having trouble logging in: After our recent server move, some members have reported having trouble logging in or staying logged in. In stop and go in the TX heat, mine never goes higher than the normal operating temp. Sitting in traffic, I watched it go from 210 up pretty quickly to the third tick mark, which is when I cranked the heat and it stayed at the third tick, then went back down to 210. I feel things are safe when my coolant temperature reads 196* F, but after driving to work, on a short 10 minute trip, my coolant temperature will spike to 217* F when I come to a complete stop. Yes the fans don't turn on til 227deg It explains that too. If engine sump temperatures … It is a good practice to allow the oil sump and water temperature to reach 180°F before towing heavy loads or performing hard acceleration runs. The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. LS-series vehicles fitted with this two-wire sensor use the PCM’s data stream output to display the calculated engine coolant temperature. Re: LS1 overheating temp? 200 to 220 is normal. For most cars, the normal operating engine temperature is in a range of 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, though most dashboard temperature gauges don’t show an exact temperature.