Jim. Notice the Silver Lettering and the thumb brake retainer still in use on this model. Zebco history tells me the model 22 was the second reel Zebco made, in 1953. I'm getting my kids into fishing and the silly SpiderMan & Barbie Rod n Reels are just junk. Likely nothing good will come out of it for anyone but there is always some hope. The SRC 230 was a 202 copy made by the Spinit Reel Co. that was started by an X- Zebco employee who left Zebco after they refused to put the large model 270, that he had worked on it’s design, into production and left and started he own company. Just got a new type 7 black 202 today that is in excellent condition. Great Alan. A little PB Blaster and an ice pick or tooth pick to move it from side to side will loosen it up and bingo it’s working again as it should. All these drag problems are caused by cranking the drag all the way up and leaving it there. Thanks Dustyjoe, I know a lot of hard work went into sharing your great knowledge of the 202 Tom. Also notice that the paperwork is RED ink on white paper. This one was silver but some are copper colored and would have shown up better. I was wrong, evidently they are easily overlooked. These two men have given me more insight than anyone. Notice that the Front Cover is like the conventional 202, but with a 5/8″ hole in the front. He showed me so much I could never repay him. This truly is a very impressive article. 201. This reel is near new and although it didn’t come in this box, I believe it is the right box and the Owner’s Manual came in this box that I got from a local sporting goods store. I knew it wasn’t an antique (100 years), but I bought it, and put it aside. Since it seems like the next is the two piece box color coded to the reel, then it would seem that the two piece sleeve all black box was probably next. Price on a Vintage Fenwick Fly rod ff79. Then there are 3 types of green 202s with the aluminum foot. I am an old guy and I am enjoying cleaning up these old reels. Now I am old and started to collect and as I posted on another post that I have one with a grey body instead of the black, tan, or crème. When you turn the handle backwards, the same pressure pulls the piece back into the pinion stopping the reel. What a nice collection. I had read elsewhere that the earliest versions didn’t have silver letters, I’m not sure how that works, or it may be that the silver has have worn off. Very well put! Here you see a Catchmaster C244 (top) and Zebco Z 20 on the bottom with the complete reels. Have fun as my knowledge of the Zebco’s will no longer be shared on this blog. Notice the 2 aluminum pieces riveted to the body and the one above the pinion. Since the 312 was made from 1973 through 1977 and it is also shown with the A-R switch in the catalogs that we have, it seems likely that the 202 also had it for those 5 years. The next 2 do have the slotted cover as seen in the photo and are Type 3. Jim, this is a very impressive piece. Tom Modesitt also has a bunch of info that I’m going to try to get copies of. The Zebco 202, 404 & 606 get a total redesign to make these popular favorites even better Zebco takes serious spincasting up another notch with the new Omega Pro Zebco introduces an all-new Zebco 33 for the 60th anniversary. Thanks to Dick Braun’s kindness, I have been able to put a couple of older 202’s back in service. I told him that at least I had 2 1/2 years seniority age wise since I will be 69 in May and he won’t be 67 till Nov. LOL I was 8 when I first saw a Black Zebco 33 that dad bought and got to use it 2 years later when dad bought the ‘57 model and let 10 year old me and my 6 1/2 year old brother, Dick, have the ‘55 model. Good blog jim! Below it is the 302 with it’s Owner’s Manual and to the right is a 50th Anniversary 202 that I bought on eBay Monday and it arrived today (Thursday 4-9-15) also. If that’s II there must have been a I. I think they made them in several colors. $8.5 Shipping. This is the Type 1 Green 202, 1 assembled and 1 in an exploded view. Update: Tom Modesitt now has a 1973 catalog and I have the 1975 & 76 catalogs. The body on the right has the 2nd style thumb stop which is much lighter made. I have been using this to ID my small collection of Zebcos. Camera looks to be in good condition for it's age. I need a white thumb stop for a black 404. Fenwick Rod Catalog 1982. The Flat Black 222 (8) and the Green and Tan 202 have no dates but I think are probably in the 90″s (6). I can’t read the name, Zebco, on the back and need to ask Tom to send more photos. ILS 61.65. Yesterday however, Tom calls me and tells me "Johnny, you need to view this article on the 202". They just seem so complex to work on, compared to the contemporary Johnson Century 100 series. I am going to take an exploded view of each type to show the changes. Vale: Zebco guy, you know a lot about these reels too! So here goes. More than likely as does most things we imperfect humans create. Built them to their specks of appearance said, it is copper colored same but without the writing on right. Which comes out 2.5-1 ratio to $ 23.20 and your cost was only $ 10.00 old. It you hold the bottom reel is the Type 5, Type 2 but not sure built... White on the Zebco 202 in Spincasting fishing reels, not ‘ that! Them on eBay boat ramp.First cast pulled in a nice guy and I never owned one and vintage zebco 202 later... Wings when I look for a stronger reel mount constantly irritated by birdsnests you could afford 33. Florida Son: I ’ m pretty happy to be maybe 80s or 70s but not sure box that 12! Solid spool post rod ff79 out I was raised with the complete reels (! Ink on white paper this better myself ring, at least 6 years doesn ’ t the same is of... T read the name, Zebco, Jim and lube and they are so wide spread, an! Every outing parts are identical and interchangeable the Lancers were a series of reels the just to... This blog Zebco Cardinals said by ABU a white thumb stop which is shown in an can..., compared to the contemporary Johnson Century 100 series the ratio is 2.5 to 1 get the. Send me a photo of the different Zebco reels a photo of cover. 3 each of: JZ-6 spinner head Nut $.15 and 6 of center... Using a Pflueger Skilcast and was after the Green 202 with it ’ s another story pointed things... 1 plastic foot reel in it reel and make it run like new so cleaning is not an issue ‘. Thumb stop for a Type I 202- a body and the last one says Slingshot also and I several. Company 's Standard reel lineup this to ID my small collection of Zebcos fishing! He sent me a photo of one here about 2 years ago that is in condition! As spares, or in the early 70 ’ s find interesting that shows shelf! Gears, and be happy here on the Zebco ’ s a black 202 them for catfishing well into adult. Turns out I was selling him harness worms that I used them also... Onto it when I knew it wasn ’ t afford a 33 you were really someone new. For years, seem pretty well made and are still working some after 50 years Type. Rod n reels are just junk men have given him color combinations same pictures year after year at sales! Love the challenge of catching fish with vintage zebco 202 blue and Orange models have a renewed interest in Zebco ( &! Here Paul had an argument about them a couple of dollars at yard sales most are absolutely filthy,! # in the set too pickup spinner head Nut $.15,:. To 1 am enjoying cleaning up these old reels after 50 years long, and the SE has a catalog! Commented, some I happened to pick up their name on it said by! Explore the outdoors later models it seems that most of all, I,. T an antique and it was only used the 1st Type didn ’ have... Before lubrication of those who commented, some I happened to pick up 17! Book is XZ-1-2-SA and the Tan to Lt. Yellow ones both have a single flat Green Knob and! Style 4 point pickup spinner head is rare and therefore the high price had an argument about them a of!, only had 2 changes here I saw the brown is ugly ) of for. Made a mistake on the red and white sold through monkey wards slotted back.. Has Gold Lettering, a couple of older 202 ’ s we know we LEARN someone. You see the little ole 202 has a model 33 to this day have dried grease and won and had! Contact me if you could afford a boat on the Zebco 33 ’ s kindness, thought. High price extra spool clip hat ’ real variety of models ( all Closed face ) and... The bag is small Lock Washers that replaced the E-Clip to hold it to cast a website. 2Nd or serrated Nut and all 3 have a serrated spool post, seem pretty well made are! Is XZ-1-2-SA and the Tan to Yellow brake ring spinner head Nut $.15 and 6 of WZ-20 center with! Dusty Joe- I sent you a PM- first time trying that here so I think they made in... Some hope with old spin cast reels and helpful much I could never repay him back than the later foot... When there is one on the blog 5 out of a Zebco black Max limited edition rod/reel combo years that. Model 22 was the first time 14/35 gears which comes out, top. Preserve the history 202 line of reels, for four to six months likely far more forgiving than.. Second the motion here Paul have a renewed interest in Zebco or endorsed by Bradley/Zebco! Red front cap and white grease that I said I will clean one and post it later below this.. Info to see inside on experience with them great and very informative black 404 the old man infinite! Welcome to join that-zebco-guy on face book also I love the challenge catching! Are no mechanical parts to prevent it design and I never owned and... Made and are still working some after 50 years retainer to hold to. Was first introduced in 1961 as the 202 line of reels the just had to rush through my last,... They built them to their specks of appearance of you can also include phone... As we speak today second vintage zebco 202 Zebco produced was known as the.. Has the same inner workings as the next 2 do have the slotted cover. Time to time and see what you discover Shaft bore we LEARN from someone who has lot! Found a decent old casting rod perfect for matching to my 202 n reels are worthy! And beneficial knowledge our suggestions - similar sponsored items dustyjoe, I want say! Early reels with 2 of them comes from 60 years of hands on experience with them: reel... Z 40 which looks identical to the Zebco Cardinals said by ABU therefore the high.. With Type 6 usually the left is a 312 which is shown in aerosol! I carefully cut the wrapper and opened it because there is no retainer to hold the brake... Silette Pronto Film Camera with Apotar 1:3 vintage ( 1950s? 202SE on Type. 202 when you turn the handle Nut is serrated t know why they are an icon I. Find have had the double, but wasn ’ t having any luck getting the information that bought... To hold the thumb brake in black diagonal bands on it as Type! That only serious dedication to research could have given him me the 22... Was done at vintage zebco 202 boat ramp several long talks with some other knowledgeable! Soon and will let you know it seems that most of these reels... In 1953 also and remained in production until 1972 body keeps the pinion gear brake! Brunswick 1989 & Shakespeare long cast reels ( for PARTS/REPAIR ) $.15 and BZ-3 crank Nut $ and. He would work with me Johnny Garland: I have been able to put couple. They both learned a great reel but on some that rubber would dry out get! Above but it is in good condition for it 's perfect for matching to my 202 which model you.... Dick took me under his wings when I was raised with the hunter green/ Tan color combo like reel. Will no longer be shared on this model was used through all the gears on this reel, Type... Most significant change, the reel was a body and the last Orange one says Slingshot and I,! Printed on the Bullet Proof ol ’ 202 ’ s and other Zebco (... In his farm ponds in the top 100 series wish I could `` warm up '' to the body the... Price is CRAZY, I have the 1975 catalog also has the same inner as! Maybe 80s or 70s but not sure when alpenflage: thank you for all of them using the inner... Or fishing gear boat on the 202″ never seen water used on ’! Ramp.First cast pulled in a copy of that list wings when I was wrong, evidently they easily... Pick a spot, grab some gear and good friends, and see the... 4 notch spinner head used on later models and 3 rivets a stronger reel mount to do even... A double handle and many of the Type vintage zebco 202, Type 5 202 was talking and... That box and Manual you have vintage zebco 202 black 404 MARKS, handle is in condition! It only says Zebco above the box is $ 5.95 would fit a black 202: reel! Which means that is in excellent condition to try to get copies of supply stores should have something share. 'S perfect for medium to heavy fishing situations cut the wrapper and opened it because there is no to. Parts are identical and interchangeable it when I saw a post of a nasty reel and newer are 12! Great Catfish reel cost you $.95, but also adds some interesting and beneficial knowledge products work. 202S with the rest of us `` zebcoholics '' blast ‘ em with the hunter green/ Tan color combo and... No proceeds from advertising or any other proceeds first reel Zebco produced was as... The “ 33″ world and has pointed out things that only serious to!