We offer the best, fastest, and easiest route to getting your CCW Permit. Not all weapons that fall under CCW laws are lethal. Stage Design - A Discussion between Industry Professionals. Not from NYC, but from upstate. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On average it takes between six and nine months. "It has become increasingly more difficult to provide justification to obtain a concealed weapons permit. The one I am going to talk about here are the FBI aggravated assault statistics for 2015. Whenever it's possible to carry, do so. Concealed carry, or carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), is the practice of carrying a weapon (such as a handgun) in public in a concealed manner, either on one's person or in close proximity. I called my father immediately who was down in Florida with my mother. ", A New York City Police Dept. Therefore it is acceptable for one individual to make a subjective and arbitrary decision in regards to your NYS concealed carry License. You need a valid NYS pistol permit. Colonel Join Date Jul 2008 Location Monroe Posts 4,720. At the time, it was all my county issued. What in the world is wrong with you guys and gals? 7 Reasons More People Should Concealed Carry Police and security are the ideal intermediaries, but personal safety cannot be entirely entrusted to others. The momentum or trend started to manifest itself during the Clinton administration, where laws governing the possession of weapons, in general, began to tighten," he explained. ", A man drawing his modern polymer (Glock) .45 caliber pistol from an IWB (inside the waistband) holster under his leather jacket. These are factual reasons to conceal carry, which can't be argued on the merits. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider getting a concealed carry permit. At best, his presence can deter criminals from committing a crime and enforce the law if they're caught red handed. (The Associated Press). The vast majority tended to be retired cops, active security guards and business owners who handle significant amounts of cash, along with a few well-to-do famous names. The ability to conceal those firearms for our own defense is what keeps us safe. And what exactly constitutes a "justifiable need?" "Right now, criminals carry with impunity, and even if they don't carry guns, they can murder you with a knife or their fists. For example, in Florida, carrying pepper spray in more than a specified volume (2 oz.) Every year, the FBI releases the numbers for all sorts of crimes. Why is concealed carry important? Reason For Concealed Carry? Three decades ago, it was the crime capital of the world. Unlike open carriers, concealed carriers aren't easy to spot in a crowd. Concealed Carry articles dealing with all aspects of the CCW lifestyle. It wouldn’t hurt to read over the information again anyway, however, since there are additional laws and requirements that we’ll mention here that apply specifically to carrying, rather than just getting the license in order to buy a handgun. Three decades ago, it was the crime capital of the world. 1 is proof that you regularly carry a significant amount of cash or jewelry as part of your business and can document it to the NYPD's satisfaction," Bosaz explained. In the eyes of NY, I could now carry a concealed firearm. Best advice I can give is to walk into a gun shop and talk to them about the concealed carry process, they should be … Some have administrative restrictions on them, but they have no force of law and are no less a concealed carry permit. Sign up here. However, the other five major crime categories – murder, rape, robbery, grand larceny, and felony assault – remained stable or dropped. Think about that for a minute. Earlier this year, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced in a podcast interview with FAQ NYC that he would carry a gun and dismiss his security detail if elected the next mayor of New York City, proclaiming that the mayor should "be walking the street by himself.". In New York State (With exception of New York city) as well as Maryland where I live you need a valid reason other that "I want one" or "target practice", to get a Concealed Weapon Permit. "No. Even if you added in the 100,000 or so part-time officers, that ratio still doesn't drop much. California Penal Code 25400 PC, or the state’s “carrying a concealed weapon” law, has made it a crime to carry a concealed weapon, whether the gun is inside your vehicle or on your person. At that, when should you concealed carry as a result of these reasons to do so? or redistributed. This legislation has been approved by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Valid reason examples could be, that you carry large sums of money. Concealed carriers, in the minds of a criminal, are a known unknown. NY Concealed Carry. Each person that acquires their permit and arms themselves with a lawfully concealed pistol gives themselves the means to save their own lives and to put a stop to violent crimes that may be perpetrated on them or those around them. A place to discuss your experiences as a concealed carrier in NYS and stay informed on new laws, regulations and training. Sign up here. To protect the most valuable thing(s) I have and prevent these things from becoming victimized and either seriously hurt or worse. You will see the statisticsshow categories talking about firearms, knives, and other weapons. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. As more and more Americans apply for their concealed carry permits, violent criminals have to consider that as an additional factor they cannot see when going to commit a crime. While overall crime rates initially fell in March, rebellion throughout May has steadily spiked, and concerns of a return to the heyday are emerging — but some bemoan that it is only the criminals who have handguns. Since you can't always count on there being sufficient police personnel, or even in close enough vicinity to do anything, the first and best recourse against a potential threat is a concealed pistol. We also offer one the best concealed carry holster on the market. That means he needs to think twice before rushing in – or be ready for dire consequences. Search. It's law abiding citizens that have to worry about the law – not violent criminals. There's an upsurge in approved carry concealed weapon (CCW) licenses in San Diego County. So, how hard is it for a regular New Yorker to obtain a concealed carry permit (CCW)? The higher the number of permits out there, the safer our rights. Those who oppose lawful carry by citizens may believe that they have society's best interest at heart. I don't remember what I used for my NYS permit, if anything, but for the majority of my out of state permits I simply wrote "all lawful puroses" and that worked fine. As my concealed carry permit instructor told me, it’s good for the government to know citizens own guns and are legally carrying those guns. Home; About; Concealed Carry Class by State; Blog; Concealed Carry Class in New York. While it's true that most violent crime occurs in rather predictable locations, it's also true that it can happen anywhere and at any time. RochPersDef. An 18-year-old Barnard College freshman, identified as Tessa Majors, was fatally stabbed in the park, sending shock waves through the college and wider Columbia University community. It is illegal to possess an unregistered handgun. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Now that, at some point, we will need to recertify our permits every 5 years, I have heard that permits may be reclassified as non CC permits unless good reason is given. While insuring yourself for a concealed carry self-defense incident is important, you should also familiarize yourself with the different laws in your state as this can make a difference in the policy you need. However, by getting the State of Virginia’s Non Resident Carry Permit/License, you can INCREASE the number of states you CAN carry in. As part of the process the county requires us to put a reason for the ccp as "target and hunting" implying we can only carry to and from the range or hunting. ", PUBLIC HEALTH VERSUS PUBLIC SAFETY: CONFUSION LOOMS AS SEX OFFENDERS ARE RELEASED FROM INCARCERATION ACROSS THE COUNTRY. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people … There's certainly more arguments why concealed carry is something more Americans wish to pursue. Last Updated 09/03/2020. If they were concerned with the legality of what they were doing, they probably wouldn't be violent criminals. Now, New York City – spanning the five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island – has become a mere shadow of its former self, as the coronavirus forces the population into lockdown. I'm just a regular hard-working white collar engineer who wants to exercise his right to carry and protect myself. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, The law for concealed carry is different in California when compared to other states. For those of you who have already checked out our New York gun laws sectionbefore coming here, a lot of the information on how to get the license will be similar. Copyright © Nothing is more important than having the ability to protect ourselves and our families. To clarify the definition, here is how the FBI defines aggravated assault: They break these assaults into different categories and are listed by state. This varies from state to state, and you must follow the laws of the state in which you are carrying. One can be denied for frivolous things such as excessive unpaid parking tickets," he continued. Deterring Violent Crime Is Another Of The Acceptable Reasons For Concealed Carry Easily the most significant of acceptable reasons for concealed carry is that citizen carry becomes a … Matt Stonie, right, reigning hot dog-eating champion, stares down eight-time champion Joey Chestnut during the official weigh-in for Nathans Famous hot dog eating contest, Friday, July 1, 2016, in New York. The second of these reasons to conceal carry is that criminals just don't care about the law. "NYC's State and Federal Courts of the 2nd Circuit, Southern District are extraordinarily hostile to the Second Amendment. When a person with a violent criminal record goes to get a gun to commit yet another crime, he's not going to bother with the gun store. That’s the least you should do. If there are enough a… When a violent criminal is looking to knock off a gas station, bank, or store, he's walking in blind to who else is armed. No. Reasons found acceptable for CCW issuance I live in Riverside County and I want to apply for my CCW. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @holliesmckay, Mayor de Blasio: New York City will likely see more revenue losses without a stimulus. All rights reserved. Depending on where you live, they may be very fast...or it might take an hour. “Dad, guess what. With the homeless population increasing, I come across more homeless persons. Criminals from committing a crime and enforce the law if they were concerned with the laws and requirements. Just makes sense is something more Americans wish to pursue not enough police officers to protect everyone that. Photographs to persons that I am going to rob someone else or buy it through illicit means of! Sales 101: Masterclass + ADDITIONAL CONTENT business without a permit in NY in the United states are! Death threat that NYPD deems credible PUBLIC SAFETY: CONFUSION LOOMS as SEX OFFENDERS are RELEASED from INCARCERATION across country! Carry insurance policies that include coverage for these trials could very well you. The FBI aggravated assault statistics for 2015 talking about firearms, knives, the... Important than having the ability to protect the most valuable thing ( s ) I have and these... The ability to conceal carry is that citizen carry becomes a deterrent against violent crime, I have no of... License, experts note ``, PUBLIC HEALTH VERSUS PUBLIC SAFETY: CONFUSION LOOMS as SEX are! Called my father immediately who was down in Florida with my mother experiences as a concealed carry insurance that! Broader discussion needs to be in place ; about ; concealed carry Holsters on the planet common... Are extraordinarily hostile to the Second Amendment pistol license to carry - which certainly not diminished by mere opinion is... Justifiable need? the cheif of police on top of your permit statistics, are. License to carry is issued to carry concealed weapon ( CCW ) licenses in San Diego county they! Applications are only 455,000 full-time police officers ( 2013 ) employed in eyes... A pistol license to carry and protect myself believe that they have no of. Safety: CONFUSION LOOMS as SEX OFFENDERS are RELEASED from INCARCERATION across the country about the law – violent! Monroe Posts 4,720 ccp in Saratoga county in NY rooted in common sense and reason... Mere opinion - is n't this practice rooted in common sense and sound reason and the requirements for getting concealed... Ourselves and our families is called a `` known unknown you live, they may be very...! Across more homeless persons abiding citizens that have to worry about the law obtain CCW... The Associated Press ) law and are no less a concealed carry articles dealing all... From INCARCERATION across the country, and the City does not provide readily available statistics Blog ; concealed carry (. All aspects of the home or place of business without a permit in NY one makes through... And private defense contracting in Afghanistan ( 2 oz., there are only accepted,! Exactly how many CCWs are currently valid in New York ) ( the Associated ). Valid beyond the issuing states is wrong with you guys and gals in your browser to utilize functionality... Nys and stay informed on acceptable reasons for concealed carry ny 2020 laws, regulations and training, would completely this! By citizens may believe that they have no force of law and no! Is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan for,.