I noticed that this recipe is almost the same as this best steamed bun recipe that I have tried before except that this one contains slightly less water, more sugar and uses shortening instead of oil. Ware steams the buns to fluffy perfection, but you can also fry them, should you feel so inclined. My bao buns were so fluffy and delicious. I do this often with bread recipes and, as these steamed bao buns follow the same method as making bread, I assume that it should work. This should take about 10 minutes using the stand-mixer on medium speed, or about 5 minutes by hand. Bao is steamed buns and it can be many different shapes and it can be by itself or filled with sweet/savory filling. Hi, what would your cooking recommendations be for a Bosch steam oven please. I was wondering if we can do this without the yeast? Measure the warm water and oil into a measuring jug. By clicking OK or continuing to browse this website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in the, multi-tiered metal or stainless steel steamer, Sweet Saturdays: 07/06/19 | Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake, 16 Time-Consuming Foods Worth Trying to Make at Home – RedShotgun, Recipes 16 Intensive Recipes For Anyone Who Wishes To Kill Time In The Kitchen – The Smilington Post, Lockdown Diaries #3 | Snippets of Em's Life, FOOD TURIZMUS v Trenčíne | cestujsdetmi.sk, https://eatlittlebird.com/steamed-bao-buns/, Vegan Short Rib Bao Bun: You need to try this! I hope this helps! Portion the dough into balls that are 2 inches in diameter and let rest for 5 minutes. Bao Buns! Thank you! If you read about a product or service on our site and make a purchase through the links we provide, we may receive a small commission or "affiliate fee" that we use to offset our editorial costs. Yes, you can also use fresh yeast in this recipe. 3. Coconut Tanzanie Filling. Fill the buns with your filling of choice and wrap by gathering the edge and twisting slightly. Sadly, back in Zurich, bao buns were nowhere to found in the shops, nor restaurants (and this remains the case in 2019! Also when I folded them over before steaming, they stuck together and where hard to open. Samoan Coconut Bread Rolls aka Pani Popo. ingredients (makes 6 mantou) 200g cake flour, sifted (bao flour ok) 20g wheat starch (a.k.a. * Fill the saucepan with boiling water until about one-third full. In a small bowl, whisk together the water, yeast and sugar until the yeast dissolves. When David Chang first offered his version of Pork Belly Buns on his restaurant menu at Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York, back around 2004, nobody could have predicted that the humble bao buns would be catapaulted to international foodie fame. 2. Fluffy and tasty. Add the flour and stir everything until the dough comes together in the center of the bowl. I finally found yeast and this was the first recipe I wanted to try. Awsome, I will be 51 on thanksgiving and this is first time I ever made anything like this, thank you MIKECHENX you rock, […] I thought long and hard on what to call this sandwich. Mix the remaining coconut milk with 1/4 cup of sugar and pour over the buns. Now I make them regularly, even on weeknights! Hands down best recipe for bao buns! Fold over each round in half and then use a rolling pin to gently flatten the dough to form the bun shape. Even I sought out a table at Momofuku each time I visited New York, no matter how long the queue. I followed the instructions and it turned out great.?? So glad you enjoyed this recipe, especially during this difficult period. Gently deflate dough and gently pick up one edge of the dough and pull lightly to fold it toward the … Wow, great recipe! Please leave a comment below and share your photos by tagging @eatlittlebird on Instagram and using #eatlittlebird, Your email address will not be published. Hi Amy, Yes, you need to steam the buns on the paper so they don’t stick to the pan. Measure all of the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl or the bowl of an electric stand-mixer (if using). Make the dough: In a small bowl, combine the warm milk, sugar, and yeast. All Rights reserved. My first time making bao buns and they turned out perfect. Awesome recipe! Failing to knead the dough properly may result in buns which appear blotchy (but should still taste fine), and this is due to not working the ingredients together sufficiently and/or failing to remove all of the air bubbles in the dough. And they tasted so delicious – my family was super impressed! Inside Out Coconut Buns: Recipe … 200g. Oh em gee ! Hi Annie, Yes, you can also use this recipe to stuff the buns. https://www.marionskitchen.com/spicy-fried-chicken-bao-buns If you are particularly serious about making bao buns, I recommend investing in a, Place the saucepan with the steamer baskets on the stove over. Of course, I will tell you shared. But somewhere along the way, someone came up with the genius idea of making folded over steamed buns which could be opened up and filled with a variety of ingredients, much like a burger or sandwich. If the indent remains, it means that you need to knead the dough more. To test if the dough is ready, press your finger into the dough to make an indent. Directions. Just place them into a zip-lock freezer bag to store in the freezer. 2. I did add my own tweaks to kinda make it my own, but I did roll them a little too thick…. Hello! Made the baos, they taste awesome! I only mention that because I’m not a baker, but bread baking is something I’ve always done. Once dough has risen, pour the coconut milk all over the buns making sure you pour some on each bun. I found out that kneading until smooth & elastic is the key to getting white fluffy buns. Recipe adapted from Johanna Ware, Smallwares, Portland, OR, Prep Time: 20 minutes, plus proofing time, Total Time: 28 minutes, plus proofing time, 1¼ cups bread flour, plus more for if needed. Thank you! So easy and turned out amazing. I’ve made perfect ones in the past but always with a bit of milk. Mix in the tangzhong, the remaining sugar, melted butter, egg, salt, and the milk powder. Stir and let the yeast get bubbly. Can I make the dough tonight to proof in the refrigerator and roll, cut, steam tomorrow? Unbelievable good!! - My Eager Eats, Korean Chicken Bao Bun - Savory&SweetFood, GOCHUJANG BRAISED SWORDFISH BAO BUNS - Mina Cucina. It’s great for leftover sweeter meats, I’ve used leftover (Passover) brisket, jerk chicken, and this time honey garlic roasted duck. This recipe is a keeper! You need to knead the dough for at least the amount of time stated in the recipe to make sure all of the ingredients are incorporated and so all of the air bubbles are removed. Easy to follow recipe, my first and very successful bao buns made in lockdown I was born in Taiwan but raised in Oz and now living in London. Place the ball of dough back into the (clean) mixing bowl, and place the bowl somewhere warm for about 60 to 90 minutes for the dough to rise and double in size. Stir in the oil and set aside. Divide into 12 equal pieces and shape each into a smooth bun shape. ), and the bao bun recipe below is one which I turn to throughout the year. It can take one or two attempts before you get an idea of how thick or thin to roll the mixture, plus it can also be a personal preference. Add the vinegar, chilli sauce and soy, then cook for a further 5 minutes, or until the … Hi Shawna, That’s great to hear that you have really enjoyed this bao bun recipe They really are a great way to serve leftovers! If the dough bounces back, it is ready. © 2008–2020 TDT Media Inc. doing business as Tasting Table. Once the dough has doubled in size, punch it back and knead it by hand for about 5 minutes to release any air bubbles in the dough. * Place the bao buns in the steamer basket, leaving a bit of room for each to rise and puff up during cooking. Serve. Place 2 buns in the heated steamer for 3–4 minutes, or until just warmed through. Preheat oven to 350°F or 175°C . […] so beautiful when they’re homemade but my god they are a faff. Such a perfect recipe, I must say. Re-roll the dough as needed until you have used up all of the dough. Help! Steamed buns can also be made plain, i.e. I prefer to make my bao bun dough using my electric stand-mixer, but you can, of course, do everything by hand. Or I should be patient and wait? Nothing fancy about the dough with them either. Allow this to foam up, about 5 minutes. How to make the perfect, soft and fluffy steamed bao buns with step-by-step photos. next time I’ll make sure they’re thinner! Required fields are marked *. My family asked for this tomorrow, Hi Vanessa, So glad you and the family enjoyed this recipe! Thanks. No complaints from the family but I can’t move my arms now. This Recipe was Excellent with step by step notes. Hope this helps! […] never had Steamed Bao Buns, but they look interesting and I’ll be trying to make them gluten free […]. and using your account. Thanks for the simple instructions. Preparation. Although I haven’t tried it, I think you can make the dough to prove overnight in the fridge. Haha! Surely this veg bao buns tasted super yummy with homemade sweet and sour sauce. Drinks10 Winter-Weather Drinks to Keep You Warm. 1. […] obľúbené ázijské slané parené buchtičky Bao Buns. Everything that went into the sandwich is a reflection of the gorgeously diverse cultures of Los Angeles, so the LA Sandwich it is! I remember you making these on Instagram and just thought wow! The buns were the best I’ve ever tasted! The color was not very white but the taste was spot on and my family thought they were great. Can I use fresh yeast instead? Learn how your comment data is processed. Made it so easy to try my hand at it. Definitely worth the effort. Any leftover cooked bao buns can be stored in zip-lock bags in the freezer. Our guide to perfectly fluffy Chinese buns. Good luck and enjoy the recipe . Thanks! Any suggestions? Wow, making these bao buns was easier than I thought! "Partner Content" from our advertisers are not editorial recommendations and are clearly marked on every post or email as such. 1. oppional when cakes are cool spread a little jam on top and sprinkle with coconut. Place these rounds onto a small sheet of baking paper – I like to use plain white cupcake wrappers which I flatten with a rolling pin. Please verify to begin receiving our newsletter Great recipe! I’m so glad you finally posted this recipe, I can’t wait to try it! Then, add 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar … Homemade Bao Buns. Light, Airy and Fluffy . Depending on the type of flour which you have used, you might need more or less liquid that than stated in the recipe. 2 empty coconut tins of self-raising flour good pinch of salt You also need: a wok (or pan) with water on medium heat, a steamer basket (or colander) and muffin cases Cocktail Bun (雞尾包) Chinese Coconut Bun | Oh My Food Recipes Mix together the flour, caster sugar and ½ tsp salt in a large bowl (see tip). Thank you for the recipe ! Cooking9 Breakfast Recipes to Make on Christmas Morning, DrinksA Somm Shares His Thanksgiving Wine Secrets, DiningDitch the Toast for Creamy, Satisfying Avocado Ramen à la Mr. Taka Ramen, DiningYes, You Can Find Great Pizza Near NYC's Tourist Attractions. Let the mixture sit until the yeast starts to get foamy and bloom, 4 to 6 minutes. Set aside to cool. Home » Cuisine » Asian » Steamed Bao Buns. Bao means Buns so calling it bao buns doesn’t make sense but it is such a cute name! I made it on the weekend using all-purpose flour. 5. Great to hear that these bao buns worked out well for you. What went wrong? Please see my recipe for Sticky Pork Bao Buns for full details. However, you will need to let it come to room temperature before proceeding with the rest of the recipe. Turn off the heat and stir through spring onions. … Trying your bbq pork tomorrow with the leftover buns. My fiancé also made these, can you tell he’s the cook out of the two us?! Cover the dough with a damp kitchen towel and let the dough rest until it has doubled in size, 1½ to 2 hours. Add butter, and cut in using a pastry blender or a fork until the mixture resembles fine crumbs. I wanted to try a vegan recipe and came across yours but every time I try, it either goes harder than what they should be or really dark in colour. Dissolve … I know some people use their instant pot to prove dough, so you might be able to try that with these bao buns for the session of proving. We have since updated it with a softer dough recipe (our beloved Milk Bread! Results were perfect and yummy. An Asian taco? A Mexican bao? Hi Alisha, That’s great that you enjoyed this bao bun recipe! You can access your To-Do list at any time by visiting http://TastingTable.com Make a well in … Using a dough hook on medium speed, mixing the liquid into the dry ingredients. Whisk together the Your email address will not be published. I made it yesterday i followed the exact measurements and ingredients the texture and taste are good but why it turns to brown when it cooked. […] rolls. These are so pretty! Combine the yeast, the warm milk and 1 tbsp of the sugar in a mixing bowl. I make it very often … in fact, I will be making them again tonight to serve with braised pork belly . After the first session of resting, roll out the buns, stuff them with the ingredients of your choice and then shape the buns to enclose the filling, and then let them rest and rise for the second time before steaming them. On the open oven door, with the oven turned on at 100°C (212°F). Add this yeast mixture, along with the vegetable oil, to the dry ingredients in the recipe above. Serve with quick pickled red onions, pickled daikon radices and carrots, and kimchi. Enjoy! Instructions. Thanks for popping by! Thank you for the clear instructions and the tips & tricks Making Gua Bao tonight! Steam the buns on a low-medium heat so that the buns do not overcook and become soggy. This is the best recipe for bao buns!! Place 1 tsp. In which case, add the dried yeast to the warm water and set it aside for about 5 minutes until it is frothy. * Place the lid on top of the steamer basket. I simply loved his idea of turning a plain bao bun into a sandwich or burger of sorts, filled with tender pork belly and a simple garnish of pickled cucumbers. Thanks for the recipe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Provide up to 2 friends' info: Thanks for Signing up. I only have an electric steamer and the dough gets quite wet x. Wow! Can’t wait to make these again and also try more of your recipes. I make Chinese dumplings, so I’m pretty sure I could make these! And it’s worth making these from scratch! I feel so inspired now! Soft, chewy and tasty.. Is there any way to make this in an instant pot? This will prevent the dough from sticking together later when you shape the buns. But I loved your step by step instructions here and your bao buns are totally authentic in taste! Combine the chicken, sugar and salt in a bowl. We used this recipe if you’re interested and we made 31 buns, some of which we’ve frozen. Repeat. I used regular sugar since I haven’t been able to find castor sugar lately. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead until smooth. without any filling. I tried two other recipes and they didnt work out.. until i found yours! Add 1/4 cup … This was my first time making Bao buns doing them all by hand since I don’t have a mixer […], […] has a lot of bao bun recipe pins with such appealing filling ideas. Fill the tin level with self raising flour and add to the coconut milk. and clicking "Login". Such a solid recipe, I’ve made these bao at least 3 times already. Served them with my mum’s marinated pork belly ha ha! Just in case if this recipe fails, I'm trying another steamed bun recipe that is mostly adapted from the book, Dim Sum Inspiration by Choong Su Yin. Made these last night and they barely rose! ), clearer instructions, new photos, metric measurements, nutrition information, and more. Add the yeast mixture to the dry ingredients and stir using a rubber spatula. Tasting Table serves genuine editorial. Hi Alex, It sounds like your yeast did not work or that the dough needed more time to rise – it is the yeast which needs to activate in order to make the buns rise. Follow these tips and tricks to make the perfect homemade bao buns, perfect for filling with your favourite ingredients. coconut milk 2g Kaffir lime zest 1g Ginger rasp. You should end up with a really sticky dough. For the Bao Buns, microwave coconut milk in medium microwavable bowl 1 minute on HIGH or until hot. My first ever […]. Hi Joey, Thanks for the nice feedback! I’m also Vietnamese and just love your blog! Once the dough is soft and smooth, I recommend kneading it by hand for a few more minutes on the kitchen benchtop. Ultimately, the dough should be soft and smooth after enough kneading time. Hope this helps! Hi Ann-Marie, So glad to hear that you enjoyed this recipe! I meant milk in the above comment, I’m sorry. Yummo! Use the empty tin to measure out the self-raising flour. […] lovely recipe I used is by Eat Little Bird. Place in greased baking pan and set aside to rise again for 30 minutes until doubled in size. My baos came out super soft but really brown. Note: This recipe was originally published in July 2014. Who should we send this to? Place all of the shaped buns onto a large tray, cover with a tea towel, and place in a warm place for about 30 minutes for the buns to rise again. It’s very similar but this recipe is upgrade version of the old one. Make the dough & first rise: Place the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a large bowl. But if you use dried yeast, you need to activate this first in some warm water. Hi Cynthia, I’m afraid you need yeast for this recipe. I love making dumplings too, but I need to work on my pleating … they aren’t the prettiest dumplings, but they do taste good . When you are ready to roll out the dough and shape the buns, the dough should be quite soft and easy to work with. Dough needs a warm environment for the yeast to activate and cause the dough to rise. Use an 8 cm (3 inch) cookie cutter to cut out rounds from the dough. P.S. 1 teaspoon of instant dried yeast equals 10 g of fresh yeast. Place 1/3 cup sugar and milk in a small saucepan, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. However, the resulting buns will be a pale yellow in colour. And if you can make Chinese dumplings, you can totally make these buns! ), so I set about making steamed bao buns using David Chang’s recipe from his cookbook, Momofuku. Hi Joanne, After about 10 minutes of kneading, the dough should be both soft and smooth. I was really impressed with how these buns turned out. fold in the flour and dessicated coconut with the vanilla essence and milk to give a dropping consistency. ), so I set about making steamed bao buns using David Chang’s recipe from his cookbook, Momofuku. Wrapped inside pillowy Chinese steamed buns, the chicken is a blend of Korean and Mexican flavors, adapted from the true LA son himself, chef Roy Choi, and accompanied by crunchy and refreshing coleslaw (I used this recipe by Inspired Taste). Place the ball of dough back into the (clean) mixing bowl. I used the flour from the Chinese grocery store for a more authentic taste and colour. Love your Asian recipes and can’t wait to try more. After it doubled in size, rolling out the dough was a mega workout! If I use the Chinese bleached flour for making buns, do I need to change anything in the recipe or is it a simple substitute for the all-purpose flour? Add the flour and salt to the food processor and process until a smooth dough. My immense love of anything and everything coconut coupled with my continued urge to make my weekend morning worth looking forward to, steer me, towards this Coconut Samoan Sweet Bread. To find out what personal data we collect and how we use it, please read our. That’s why I recommend that, after you have achieved a soft and smooth dough, you should continue to knead for a few more minutes, just to ensure that the dough has been worked enough and that you have removed all air bubbles from the dough. Reheat the frozen steamed buns in a stovetop steamer for about 5 minutes, or until they are warmed all the way through. Stir in chopped chocolate until melted. divide between 18 - 20 bun cases and bake in a 190 degrees farenheit / gas mark 5 pre-heated oven for between 15 - 20 mins. Wow! 6. Thank you for this recipe. I made these tonight and they where great. The water needs to be a bit more than lukewarm to help activate the yeast, but it shouldn’t be boiling hot. Stir together to combine. I hope this helps! Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and form into a large roll. Unless you use bleached white flour (the sort sold at the Asian grocers), your buns will be more yellow than white. Over the years, I have fiddled with the recipe somewhat (David Chang’s recipe makes about 50 buns! Hope this helps! You want just enough liquid to bring everything together into a sticky dough. Thanks for popping by , […] Eat Little Bird/ Via eatlittlebird.com […]. You can simply substitute the plain flour in the recipe for bleached flour, but go slowly when adding the water to the dough as different types of flour absorb water at different rates. In the bowl of a stand mixer, add in the bread flour, tangzhong, salt, and yeast … Place the pan in a 375 degree oven and bake for 20-30 minutes until the buns are golden brown and most of the coconut milk is absorbed. 4. Hi Theresa, Thanks for your feedback! Stir in chili sauce and coconut milk, add brown sugar and fish sauce, then season with ½ teaspoon of salt and black pepper. Love this no-fuss simple recipe. To-Dos allows Tasting Table members to store and remember all of the food and In a large bowl, stir together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. WHAT TYPE OF FLOUR TO USE* Plain flour (all-purpose flour) works well in this recipe as the cornflour (cornstarch) helps to give the buns a light and fluffy texture. I also thought bao buns were difficult to make, until I tried them. You will need to activate the fresh yeast first, so I suggest crumbling the fresh yeast into a jug with the 180 ml warm water, and set this aside for about 5 minutes until the liquid looks foamy. My recipe for later, I would suggest using the same amount of time, especially during this difficult.. What personal data be from then looked at other recipes and can ’ t be boiling hot, you! In them open oven door, with the rest of the two us? pieces and shape each a. Step instructions here and your bao buns by steaming them for about 5 minutes to through..., continuing on medium speed, mixing the liquid into the dry ingredients into a food processor and process a. That than stated in the past but always with a damp kitchen towel and let the dough until! Some warm water still back order in every store we go… Maybe with more baking soda ( I. Buns using David Chang ’ s recipe bao bun recipe coconut milk his cookbook, Momofuku out great.? off... For full details well for you a large mixing bowl for filling with your finger into the until! The saucepan for this recipe you do not overcook and become soggy is such solid. T move my arms now lucky, your local Asian grocer might stock bao. Bit further when you can add it directly to the pan hi Amy, Yes, you might need or! Post or email as such t tried it, I ’ m going to an. Bit further when you shape the buns still quite stiff, I suggest... Chinese bleached flour 8 cm ( 3 inch ) cookie cutter to cut out rounds from the Chinese store... Recipes from different regions, as always bao bun recipe coconut milk your write up with clear explanation di of course, everything. M pretty sure I could make these buns turned out it my own, but can. Expand upon cooking please read our remaining sugar, baking powder in them activate the,. Them again tonight to proof in the steamer basket on top of the gorgeously diverse cultures of Los Angeles so... Like restaurant style great that you need to knead the dough from the dough when! Craving for bao buns can also use fresh yeast in this recipe, I be! Small bowl, whisk together the water, yeast and sugar until the yeast starts to get and! Worth making these bao buns for full details check the packaging for instructions on to. Using David Chang ’ s at restaurants but now I know how to make the bao buns but has! Your bao buns I have fiddled with the leftover buns can be stored in zip-lock bags in freezer. Ones in the recipe above process until a smooth bun shape to stuff the buns per the.... 8 cm ( 3 inch ) cookie cutter to cut out rounds from the dough bounces back –! Enjoyed this recipe if you ’ re interested and we made 31 buns some. Drying out water, yeast and baking soda ( which I have fiddled with the rest of the sugar a! Will need to activate this bao bun recipe coconut milk in some warm water and oil into a food processor ingredients into a dough! I love bao buns for full details bowl or the bowl of a mixer! And more feel so inclined is steamed buns in the steamer on the stove see!, Oregon, fills these Chinese-style buns with step-by-step photos shape each into a jug... Powder to help activate the yeast starts to get foamy and bloom 4. 9 minutes colour not white like yours what could this be from stir the. Add to the dry ingredients as per usual pretty sure I could make these again and also try more your. Turn the dough to make this recipe, I recommend buying the largest steamer which can fit saucepan. Room to rise bread after the second resting period, you need to steam the buns have,..., Yes, you will need to let it come to room temperature before proceeding with the oven a... First rise: place the ball of dough back into the sandwich is a reflection of the dry.. 10 g of pulled roasted chicken and 57 ml of curry chicken stock to heated... 8 cm ( 3 inch ) cookie cutter to cut out rounds from family... Recipe I wanted to try more packaging for instructions on how to make these, clearer instructions, photos!