The Yildiz 12 Gauge Folding Shotgun Right off the bat I thought what a nice looking single shot shotgun. We fired off several shots, and while the dimensions are great and the comfort level was approved, we did run into a problem or two. You w, Book #130. But it became obvious that we wouldn’t have any other option if we wanted to be honest. Latest. Why is It Important. But if you’re serious about your shotguns, you’re better off finding a more suitable replacement. When we dropped the comb to the lowest setting, we found a decrease of about two inches total. A quick search turns up minimal listings for sales, but they are still available if you know where to look. Our first choice is the Stoeger Condor, which is sturdy enough to work with an inexperienced shooter. The day I was in Academy they had them on the daily hot deal for $129.99. A few smaller American gun makers, such as Colt, Marlin, Henry and Kimber, also produce guns most shooters can still afford. -Ed.) The appearance and color for the stock, with its walnut finish, remind us of other shotguns. The name Yildiz traces back to a small neighborhood in Turkey, holding a population of about 6,000 people. He uses it for pest control. Semi-Auto Shotgun Features. When you put it together, you might be surprised how it doesn’t look as bloated as some of the other over-under shotguns you’ve seen. SİLAHDAR SHOTGUNS. And you can read reviews of their products, along with Ruger and Savage, on the Product review Page. MRSP: $6299.00 (call for competitive pricing). Once you see it, you’ll discover its ultra-refined features, superior handling, and an overall aesthetic that comfortably rivals Italian shotguns worth double the cost. We're testing the Yildiz .410 over-and-under - a brilliant starter gun for a young shot, and one that the parents will be tempted to try too! Both wood and synthetic models… Tactical . Although small in size, this compact shotgun can still deliver the goods. Resting against your shoulder, you’ll feel the weight distributed perfectly. Action . The action body is entirely comprised of steel, which makes this great for longer-lasting weapons. Not a bad shift. This means you are out of luck if you want to make a day trip to Cabela’s, or even run to your local WalMart. You’ll also appreciate the diamond pattern that lines the area around the trigger. Striker-fired . With proper care, you can use this shotgun for a very long time. But let’s get back to that CZ flagship over/under — the Redhead Premier. Lightweight but strong and steel-proofed sums up the SPZ ME range by Turkish gunmaker Yildiz. You’ll always be able to tell the difference between lack of skills and shoddy gun design. More Hunting. Four Over/Under Shotguns for Under $1,000. Even though there were some misfires along the way, the mechanical trigger is still a nice touch. Once you hold the gun in your hands, you’ll understand why the manufacturer designed the Yildiz SPZ ME/12. If you’re standing anywhere near the ejection end of the Yildiz SPZ ME/12, watch out. When it came time for us to use the Yiltz SPZ ME/12 for live shooting, we performed the usual testing. That’s not promising for a gun marketed toward competitive shooters. MSRP: $4099.00 (call for competitive pricing). In any case, Turkey is becoming prominent in the shotgun world. Yildiz is one of the longer-established Turkish brands in the UK and makes a wide range of shotguns along with smaller-gauge models and those with lightweight alloy actions; its.410, 28 and 20-gauge models and their Junior and Ladies ones are particular favourites. And that’s with the proper protective equipment. Any gun that can hold its own against a $2k shotgun for less than a quarter of the price gets my vote. That converts to over $1,000 at the time of this writing. Over and Under . BUY IT NOW!! Another issue: the feel of the stock and forearm. We were able to find out that there was a front stud missing from a security portion of the trigger guard. Best known for its vast, ancient fishless lake, Burdur… The cost in the United Kingdom, where Yildiz has a much wider market presence, is over 800 British pounds. This is a right hand with factory adjustable co, like new, 5 regular chokes plus two extra full, figures walnut stock, 28 incg barrels, 6.75 pounds, ectractors, engraved, Yildiz ProStar engraved/scroll - 12ga/32" - RH - new, Sibergun YAZ Maximus 12 Gauge 28" MO Bottomland 12GMAXBL, Yildiz ProStar nickeled - 12ga/32" - RH - new, Yildiz ProStar engraved/game scene - 12ga/32" - RH - new, Yildiz ProStar engraved/scroll - 12ga/32" - LEFT HAND - new, YILDIZ PRO SPORTER 12/32" **HAND ENGRAVED SCROLL & EXHIBITION TURKISH-LOTS OF PICS. The size of the safety button on the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 is astonishingly small when compared to other over-under shotguns. Description: Yildiz SPZ ME Youth. We’re going to take a look at how the shotgun was judged by our experts and see if it’s worth occupying space on your shelf. We couldn’t help but notice that the gun looks “plain,” although given the price of the Yildiz SPZ ME/12, that wasn’t entirely unexpected. Used gun, but clean! If you are looking for Winchester 1200 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun And Yildiz Pump Action Turkey ShotgunWinchester 1200 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun And Yildiz Pump Action Turkey Shotgun If you looking for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. Each shotgun is finished to a very high standard with the use of Graded Turkish Walnut and beautiful engraving. They also use target accuracy tests at specific intervals to ensure maximum performance. by The Clay Bird Experts | Mar 29, 2019 | Guns & Gear, Shotguns. Yildiz SPZ ME Youth, 20ga, 24", CLEAN IN BOX! After about a dozen shots, the trigger guard just fell off. Typically, on an over-under shotgun, there are ventilated ribs. As a dedicated clay target shotgun, the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 has a valid response time. Turkey Shotguns; Turkey Shotguns. Repeat HAND CUT ENGRAVED! By Phil Bourjaily. You’re able to select a few different barrels, with the bottom reaching four and a half pounds while the top hit five. What are your thoughts about the Yildiz SPZ-ME/12? The grip had a nice and tight direction, adding a palm swell that won’t feel overexerted. Enter the new Yildiz Pro. Anyone standing within five feet of the shotgun may get shelled. The SPZ ME range of Yildiz shotgun has a growing following among British shooters. We hate having to use duct tape or glue to run a gun through a simple review. Yildiz PRO STAR SPORTER 12ga 32" bbls featuring beautiful hand cut engraved game scenes and stunning Turkish walnut. Upon first glance, the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 is nicely packed. Armsan Firearms. Repeat HAND CUT ENGRAVED! It is something a bit different, however. 12-Gauge . RELIABLE, FUNCTIONAL AND HARDWORKING The Viper G2 is rigorously tested 5,000 rounds for endurance. But we ran into issues fairly quickly. The Best Shooting Glasses To Keep Your Eyes Protected, The Top 8 Best Scope Rings for Your Gun This Year, What is Trap Shooting and How Did It Start. In fact, there’s also a youth model available if you plan on training a future professional shooter. We tested four attractive, functional doubles with a price tag under a grand. They use both game shooting and pressure testing cartridges before releasing each gun to the public. You won’t completely blow your budget on this gun, as it won’t run you any more than $300 to $400 for a brand-new model. Semi-Auto . And thanks to the longer fore-end, you have plenty of grip options to do what you want with your forward hand. Over under models like the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 tend to sacrifice one area you would find in a pump-action or semi-automatic to compensate for another. MRSP: $6299.00 (call for competitive pricing). The length of the trigger pull came in around 14 inches, assisted by a firm buttpad that performed well. Yildiz > S - Z Brands > Top Brands. Yildiz has recently transferred distributorship to Raytrade Ltd. and the full range of 12-, 20-, 28- or 410-gauges are held in stock in a variety of over/under, side by side, single or semi automatic configurations. A Turkish guns and gun makers have been around for decades, but a whole lot more have been showing up in the past 10 years or so. CZ’s many shotgun models are imported from Turkey. Everybody wants a premium-brand Italian sporting shotgun—but a plain, unadorned model costs well into the five-digits. Just as long as it doesn’t fall apart. It sours your opinion of an over-under shotgun before you’ve even reached the finer points. YILDIZ have been making quality shotguns in Turkey for more than 40 years using modern manufacturing techniques and the finest quality Turkish walnut to produce a capable, reliable and good looking gun at an affordable price. A quick look at Academy’s website reveals the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 will run you between $120 and $500, including the cost of any taxes and shipping. You’ll need to check the feedback profile of each individual seller before committing to purchasing a gun in a private sale. Caliber/Gauge . We could look past minor errors in design, but the fact that we routinely missed shots with experts on our team did not sit well with us. They claim the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 model has gone through 25,000 tests with no failure in all testing. Furthermore, the modified choke only gave us an improvement to a 56 percent success rate. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 12 GA Pump-Action Shotguns at Vance Outdoors. That’s already a great price for an over-under shotgun, but it gets better. That’s not just a safety hazard, but a fundamental case of bad quality control. Our experts have the credentials to prove they know what they are doing with a shotgun. In Fieldsports Channel’s research, viewer Paul from the UK rates his SPZ ME five stars for looks, reliability and value for money. Finding a balanced over-under shotgun to suit your needs for hunting, trap shooting, and home defense can be tricky. But we took a look at the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 in the hopes that this budget-priced over-under shotgun would do the trick for us. Each ProStar has been meticulously hand-crafted, appointed for performance, and represents unbelievably good value. There’s only one indicator for its position, marked by a prominent “S.” You’ll need to remember your right or left for the barrels on this gun: The left position selects the bottom barrel to fire first. Yildiz 20-bore shotgun review TAGS: 20-bore Nothing stands still, and now at entry level we have a strong input from the arms manufacturers of Turkey, which appears to have a thriving industry and the willingness to provide products at the right price. Book #2275. Viper G2 Series The TriStar Viper Series Semi Automatic Gas Operated Shotguns are reliable, functional and hard working. The Yildiz SPZ-ME/12 does nothing to make us think you should purchase it. It’s a fairly-priced over-under shotgun that looks good on the surface and seems to be engineered with the skeet and trap shooting market in mind. But we were amazed at how much we could still hear the shot ringing in our ears. That still compares to the price for the Yildiz SPZ ME/12. That means you’re saving a massive amount of money if you can find one in the U.S. How well does the Yildiz SPZ ME/12 stack up against similar shotguns we’ve reviewed in the past? An e-mail from Yildiz states that their only carrier through the U.S. is Academy. Armsan, established in 2006, is celebrating 10th year in its state-of-the-art new … Aim for the ultimate in shotgun accuracy, reliability and value. However, upon testing the shotgun, it quickly fell apart -– sometimes literally. The Yildiz SPZ ME/12 has these in the usual spot, along with sprung extractors. This is a right hand with factory adjustable co...Click for more info Factory box included. Side by Side . Yildiz, which is the Turkish name for star, manufacture 97% of everything in-house – from the simplest part through to the most sophisticated parts of the … Besides having the warranty of the manufacturers, all products are put up for sale after being tested by our engineers and craftsman. All Rights Reserved The Turkish shotgun ejects shells like a Marine unit lobbing mortars. The only brand to hit above 20%, Stoeger at 26%, is Turkish through and through. The missing components discovered when we were firing the weapon soured us on the reputation of Yildiz, damaging any further evaluation. You could even use it several in a row while on a shooting excursion with your friends. The original Orion was a Japanese slogger, a real smooth smoothbore. At least those who are targeted specifically at skeet and trap shooters. If you’re really in the market for an over-under shotgun that will accompany you to the gun club or in the woods around your home, we have recommendations. Upon bending the guard to force a tighter fit, we found that it simply would not hold the guard in place. Everybody wants a premium-brand Italian sporting shotgun—but a plain, unadorned model costs well into the five-digits. Yildiz are very good value shotguns from Turkey and have always been held in high regard in this country for quality and reliability. So, at least they aren’t skimping in the design of this shotgun. That comes right below the sears, found suspended from the top of the frame. The extractors actually resemble other models, so you might see some familiarity even if you don’t have any previous experience with Yildiz.

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