Est. The six second zero-to-sixty time of the 3.8 HTRAC was more than quick enough in comparison to the Ford Flex I’d had for eight years, and it was more important for me to get those extra MPG. great Value. And I think a swaybar end link is clunking. Please don’t tell my four Toyota clients that. While I think she liked having me there, there was no need for my oversight. See good deals, great deals and more on a Used Genesis G80 in Durham, NC. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. In fact, Hyundai saw so much success with the Genesis model that it … Est. fyi, if the lady was significantly senior to helen in asian culture, helen was supposed to move out of her way. The G80’s styling is sleek and elegant, with the large, winged Genesis logo displayed prominently both front and rear. Save up to $10,267 on one of 937 used Genesis G80s near you. With your commute, the highway MPG of a 2.0T in combo with big German gas tanks might have been determinative. Used 2017 Genesis G80 for Sale on I was talking about CarMax’s photo strategy with one of my clients, and he ruefully pointed out that they have a million dollar photo studio (probably more than one) that makes all the blemishes on cars disappear. Save up to $3,859 on one of 144 used Genesis G80s in Nashville, TN. CarMax had about 80 G80s in stock nationwide, and only 8 had the 3.8 HTRAC with Premium and Ultimate, and most of those were fairly high mileage. But honestly, I had never owned a luxury brand car, and I felt like it was time—I had dealt with Ford-level interior quality for long enough. Could done an early return but did not want another BMW or lease. Search new & used Genesis G80 3_3t_sport for sale in your area. $23,998* He was a friend, so I gave him the friend price of the vehicle. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. The hassle free factor is like cat nip to me having done the Craiglist/Autotrader/etc route many times disposing of cars. See hi-res pictures, prices and vehicle info at to find your perfect car. I bought a car from them. I was determined to find out. I do really like the car so it may not matter so much if I want to buy it out. If you have the time to write I’d like to see your comparison with Zippy the FIST and why you upgraded to FORS. I think it was fixed for 2019. My issues are that the steering wheel is not heated (they are now), rear seats do not fold down, and the rearview backup camera system does not have the bird’s eye view that my wife’s 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe does. Used, of course. The psychology of car buying is one that has yet to be fully explored by researchers, yet it is entirely fascinating and deserving of a study. Sure, your Uncle Bark can help, and I’m always happy to do so, but more often than not, even people who reach out to me for advice end up missing out on one key piece of the journey, and that one piece can often cause serious financial and time-oriented headaches. It’s never had a CEL. Congrats on the new ride. Hope to read more here from you about dealership chicanery, and assorted political invective. Pricing transparency? Description: Used 2018 Genesis G80 Sport with Unspecified, Remote Start, Navigation System, Fog Lights, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Bucket Seats, Blind Spot Monitor, Alloy Wheels, Cooled Seats, and Lane Departure Warning. CarMax Independence, MO, $23,998* I’m not sure about that, Volvo resale value and current conditions…. Bark, However, I did find two 2017 models that were acceptable. Our recommended vehicles fly under the radar, but they may land on your shopping list. In and out in about an hour and a half including a test drive. Glad to hear Hyundai has been making their usual leaps forward with the genesis. As I told you in a follow-up email after my hot hatches question was answered by you, I bought a 2018 Focus ST that spent one year as a rental. This is our blog. The parking sensor cover on the driver’s side had fallen off. View the latest cars including new Hyundai Vehicles, download a brochure, find your dealer and book a test drive & Offers. Could I have negotiated down to that price with some other dealer? $588/mo est. I’ve been writing car buying advice columns for years, and for good reason—most people have absolutely zero idea about how to buy a car. No accident or damage reported to CARFAX. Immediately, the Hyundai Genesis became a popular vehicle; drivers enjoyed its powerful base 3.8L V6 engine at 290 hp and its generous standard features, including automatic dual-zone climate control, leather upholstery, and heated front seats (2009 model year). I figure that gives me 38,000 miles for something to break for free and after that…it’s still just a Hyundai underneath. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Genesis G80 in Orange Park, FL. Therefore you have most likely got a well made car. The seatbelt on the passenger side in the middle row only retracted sometimes. All that remains in the stable is the Flex and the Focus RS. I felt like I needed to go with her to the Car Max to drive and then hopefully purchase her “new” car and trade off the POS she was in at that time, just to make sure she didn’t get swallowed whole by a predatory F&I Guy. Ride and Handling: Smooth ride, great handling. Come at me when your G35 has 152,000 miles—nah, jk by then it will be in a BHPH lot with a sparkle paint job, cut springs, and 24s JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER G35, Bro, that is savage. Used 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 $36,940 $685 Mo. Simply put, there was no fuckery involved. ES350. The use of that is it allowed me to trade in my WRX at another dealer and know what the “real” price of my trade was. And not BMW or Audi. It wouldn’t be a straight trade for the same car. I do miss it sometimes. Purely out of curiosity, any reason the GS350 didn’t make the list? I always buy new so I would have gone at 30k with a basic 3.6 RWD 300 touring and given up some features but got back much better highway mileage and better IMO styling in return. Shop 2017 Genesis G80 vehicles for sale in Virginia Beach, VA at Maybe next time. Enjoyed your insights. Thanks. Also, you can drive it for 45,000 miles and not really ever change the oil! It does have a heated steering wheel, and it is hot. Da. I think on a Focus RS, the warranty is a buy. That’d certainly give us the durability and smooth ride (with a coil sprung Ram in particular which we test drove and both liked), but hardly scratches the sporty/unique itch (forgot to mention, she nixed the Challenger because she thinks they’re too common on our roads). The color was delightful in person, with a sort of lavender tint to it. Thanks for the update Bark. This is why CarMax is so incredibly successful. Genesis continues to make the G80 luxury sedan, with its 2018 model year boasting such features as a standard 3.8L V6 engine at 311 hp, keyless entry/ignition, smartphone integration, and an eight-inch touchscreen interface. No Accident or Damage Reported. Search from 43 Used Genesis G80 cars for sale, including a 2017 Genesis G80 3.8, a 2017 Genesis G80 3.8 w/ Option Group 02, and a 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 ranging in price from $23,500 to $40,248. If you’re on financial aid, don’t park your G20 in front of the School of Music building—you’ll get uncomfortable questions.”, The Milan has 152,000 miles on it. On that car, there are a lot of powertrain components that are under serious stress…like all the time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ My brother is Bark Maruth, Or something like that anyway. I hated to admit it, especially after having given the advice to literally hundreds of readers in the past that buying a rental is no big deal. Not even close. i guess some people are more equal than others , I consulted a bit with big brother, as we often do with each other on life choices. I’m glad that you still remember your Russian-Canadian friend. seniors automatically go to the head of the line in korea. It’s a well known fact in the car biz that the customers who get the best deals walk away the angriest. I’m not making the same mistake with this guy again. I either forgot that I had read your writeup or missed it and being old the former is more likely. Wait, is this the same Pavel who came out to the Tesla Roadster test in 2011? Looking for a budget-friendly vehicle? She was apparently a VIP…. I’ll have to think about it. It is apparently a hardware limitation of the larger screen that came with the Ultimate package. Some of the Luxury cars can be complex so you trade off the servicing costs to be the second owner at a huge discount. On a new car, if there are massive discounts from the word go is it laughable to ask for an even lower price? No accident or damage … Unless otherwise noted, information relating to these featured vehicles comes from third-party sources, including manufacturer information. Congrats on the good find! Subarus are so ubiquitous here in Colorado there was no need to have anything shipped in. Learn how your comment data is processed. I don’t personally mind buying a rental. Far, far fewer features than the G80 and far, far more expensive to repair. I bet you’ll be able to get into a brand new example for the same or less money. I hope you and your kids are well. “Okay, write it up.” I about fell out of my chair. I am not a Toyota fan, in general. They are the same on buying as selling, they give you a price and it is what it is. Description: Used 2012 Hyundai Genesis with RWD, DVD, Keyless Entry, and Side Airbags. Financing transparency? … Price: $35,490. So while I definitely enjoyed the complete lack of car payment for the last three years, and the incredibly low Kentucky vehicle property tax, I had to admit that the time had come to start thinking about a car that would be able to handle the majority of the Flex’s duties—including a 100 mile round trip every day for work. * Mileage 21,205 Miles; Transmission Auto ; Body Style Sedan ; Interior Color White ; Exterior Color Gray ; King Hyundai of Deerfield Beach (844) 467-9838 Deerfield Beach, FL (22 mi) View … Shop, watch video walkarounds and compare prices on Used Genesis G80 listings. You and I have different ideas of “pretty solid” and perfect. I bought my 2012 Kona Blue Boss 302 from CarMax, and I’ll never sell it… great buying experience, too. $354/mo est. You'll find everything from great daily drivers to luxury sports cars. Well, after eight long years of dedicated and faithful service as the family hauler, my Ford Flex surpassed the 200,000 mile mark earlier this year. 23K mi, $99 Shipping from The damage was cosmetic and had been repaired, but it was a ugly blemish on the CarFax. Cute black Forester she promptly named Gump. Although the difference in the listed features was slight, the 2017 G80 was light years ahead of its predecessor in terms of refinement. Here’s what I came up with (one more list for y’all): Surprisingly, I never seriously considered a BMW 5 Series of any type, which I think speaks volumes about how far the brand has fallen. Cost to Maintain: This is also slightly higher due to the fact that it is a luxury vehicle. Good, late model, low mileage examples with nearly every box checked can be found for under $30k all day long. I have a question which is going to reveal how unlearned I truly am about car buying. $30k can get you a really good example, as illustrated above. You’re not wrong about the CT6, although I think it says everything about Cadillac that Genesis is, without question, the more prestigious brand at this time. 1 20 Photos. Thanks Bark. That’s what I’ve seen with my buddies anyways. The deep dive into its engineering found in my copy of “How to Build Performance Nissan Sport Compacts” gives it high marks in nearly everything. And while it has largely been a trouble-free vehicle thus far, I had reason to believe that my luck would run out soon. But all the lists you offer give so many other roads to mentally travel. This rebranding has led to some confusion as to whether the vehicle was being discontinued, but Genesis has announced no plans to discontinue the G80 anytime soon. That’s where relenting and including sedans opens up a lot of options, although the Germans generally fall short on suspension and wheel/tire resilience in my mind, short of a E300 Merc with the “Luxury” trim with cushier suspension and fatter tires. I drove the car there, they inspected and printed an offer. Off lease examples can definitely be found in the price range you were looking at. This list of the 60 best cars for the money for 2020 shoppers (based on CarMax sales and pricing data from November 1, 2019, to April 30, 2020) is a great place to start. She’d love to have a sporty (looking) coupe with a nice interior (read: leather, woodgrain, heated seats and steering) for her next car, our constraint is finding something that can shrug off a pothole or two. I don’t blame you. He came in. As of October 2019, the G80 luxury sedan is the only Genesis vehicle on the market. One month later, another sample of the same model arrives in recon. The Check Engine Light had become permanently illuminated, thanks to a fuel filler neck that I could never seem to get clean enough. Have a very similar list of cars on the shopping list for my wife’s next ride to replace her ’12 Camry SE: C or E class Merc If you put your email address in here, you will be relentlessly harassed by our blog every time there's a new entry. There’s a pretty significant 5.0 penalty when shopping pre-owned—and there’s even more of one for the 3.3T Sport, which I find ugly as sin. My brother disposed of a maxed-out, high-mileage F150 Super Crew at CarMax and I think he did pretty well. When it comes to the CarMax extended warranty, did Demuro kill that for everyone or is there still value in it? CarMax has interested me since they built their first store in my area. Good times! After all, if it arrived and I didn’t want it, no big deal—I’d be out $149, but at least I found exactly the color, trim, and package that I wanted. • I could prophylactically fix it, sure, but the value of the car was less than the price of doing the water pump. However, the brand has announced plans to release additional models in the next couple of years. She basically wants a reincarnation of a classic domestic PLC. I had been thinking recently what is the sweet spot of depreciation, both by years and brand. I’ve never thought about my car’s fate when I eventually retire it, but… but… that’s just mean. Okay, yes. You’re absolutely right about the time=money equation being a huge factor for most people—including me. Scout). But if I could avoid buying a car that dozens of tourist asses had ripped Rally’s farts in, it would be ideal. Got it. I tried to sell my Boss 302 to them, but they wouldn’t take it because it had the Trackey software installed. So that led me to the Genesis G80. Oh man! Being a luxury car for the price I paid was excellent . View Details. I’ve been consistently disappointed with the cars at Carmax – I’ve found them to be more “worn out” than pictures show, and often dirty in the pictures themselves. She didn’t want to hear about any other make and model so her new ES had to be Pearl White with tan interior, a CD player, and seat memory. I love the car, an upgrade from a 2009 Hyundai Azera Ultimate. Then again, never underestimate the ability of researchers or corporate execs to come to the wrong conclusions. No worries—they’ll find it for you. There had been a constant whirring sound coming from the dash for several years. Description: Used 2018 Genesis G80 Premium with RWD, Technology Package, Premium Package, Luxury Package, Driver Assistance Package, Towing Package, Convenience Package, Appearance Package, Driver Confidence Package, Cold Weather Package, and Power Package. PRICE DROP. Actually have a question into Jack on this! ($30k, AWD sedan, Luxury). You are not wrong. Smooth ride and excelleration. * Used 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 . However, CarMax stepped up and did the right thing. 2017 Genesis G80 Premium. The Genisis G80 I bought through CarMax is great. I was in the Business for a minute. I was wondering how I could get the value back when I get a great lease deal and too many miles. Sure. The Rally’s farts line made me laugh out loud. We’re looking for a replacement to the Lincoln and are have very similar (if not exact) search parameters. great Value. Est. Nice car. Comes with being family . Since its release, this full-size sedan has come standard with such features as leather upholstery, automatic dual-zone climate control, smartphone integration, and a large eight-inch touchscreen display. All-Wheel drive, for the ten days a year that it snows in Kentucky, leather seating, lumbar support, heated and cooled seats, modern safety feature suite (a la Honda Sensing), Assorted other dumb ideas (Volvo, Jaguar, etc. Everything on the car was functioning well and it handles and feels solid. My experience resembled yours, and I’ve generally felt the worst case scenario at CarMax for unsophisticated purchasers is an OK price on a vehicle that won’t explode in 40 miles. Congrats on the acquisition! Both Autotrader and Cars need dealers more than dealers need them at this point, a result of a drastic switch in consumer behavior around the years 2014-2017. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Negotiating was drawn out, though, over a couple of weeks, on phone, email and text. Does it have a heated steering wheel? Hey Bark, my wife loves the Lexus RX 350 (she drove my son’s Lexus) but her main concern is finding a QUIET car (she is 64 years old and going deaf). $30,849 $572 Mo. Genesis can’t answer that for me. $1,015 below. Save up to $3,695 on one of 120 used Genesis G80s in Denver, CO. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Worried that your car will break? Search from 11 Used Genesis G80 cars for sale, including a 2017 Genesis G80 5.0 Ultimate, a 2018 Genesis G80 3.3T Sport, and a 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 w/ Option Group 03 ranging in price from $26,988 to $38,700. The dealer is likely making at least as much money, if not more, than they would normally. G80 Price: $21,377. Very transparent and easy. * Mileage 25,299 Miles; Transmission Auto ; Body Style … * Good Deal. 5 23 Photos. That’s a nice ride. But the MKS, and to some degree the MKT, feel like old tech. 1. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As an example, if I was to buy a ’17 Focus RS, is the warranty a buy? I also bought a 2008 Mercury Milan a couple of months from my brother to put my highway miles on, and it’s been a pretty solid car thus far—it burns oil and has a pesky, undefinable CEL, but otherwise it’s perfect. For reasons that we will absolutely address later in this blog post, CarMax appears to be the only dealership chain in the country that truly understands how much most people loathe everything about buying a car. Your email address will not be published. It took me only 15 minutes or so to know that this was the car for me. 1) Enter Any VIN with Free Preview 2) Full VIN Reports Are Now Free. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by these entities. Based on your recommendation we’ll be considering the G80 and CarMax. After all, they are better maintained than almost any car on the road—they’re inspected every two or three days. I decided on the 3.8 over the 5.0 for two reasons—fuel economy and balance. Purchased on 08/21/17 and owned in PA until 08/01/20. The condition and options allow forgiveness for foregoing the V8 (I kid, I kid). I would say that nowadays dealers are pretty desperate for trades, so I’d definitely go to CarMax first, but then see if a traditional dealer is willing to beat that offer. I’ve had a positive experience with CarMax in the past. Lots of power, lots of options. If you're shopping for a luxury sedan that's the perfect mix of style and comfort, check out this list of the 10 best luxury sedans for 2020 shoppers, based on CarMax sales data from August 1, 2019, through January 31, 2020. Also, everybody knows that it’s just a matter of time before the water pump dies on the 3.5L V6 D4 cars, which in turn tends to crater the engine. $36,940 $685 Mo. Come down to the USA when all this is over and let’s drive at Mid-Ohio. The warranties are pretty bulletproof, too—just ask Doug Demuro! There was no F&I box for me to sit in—all of the financing and warranty options were presented to me by my salesperson. View Details. Shop 2020 Genesis G80 vehicles for sale in Houston, TX at Most important, the price was correct. I love these articles with the lists and the decision trees. Did you consult with Jack on Make and Model. Brother Jack has had a EcoBoost MKT for a couple of years, and it’s a delightful highway cruiser. Nice ride. Shop 2017 Genesis G80 vehicles for sale in Houston, TX at And it’s great to see you back here on RSG. Est. 2. Say, $10k is off list price to start on a top trim Explorer that is a 2020MY sitting on a dealer lot. It heavily inspired the V6 twist-beam 5/6MT Maximas. Most Ford dealers’ sites have downloadable window stickers for new & used. And when something went wrong—the button for the heated seats was sticky—CarMax just ordered me a new button and replaced it free of charge. }); I'm Jack Baruth. Really great to read your article! I told him the sticker price is $XX,XXX, as a starting point for he negotiations. She and I picked a couple of likely choices at the local Car Max on-line. 3. One was a navy exterior with a tan interior, and one was a light gray with black interior. I searched long and wide to find a 2017 G80 with similar mileage and options. They give you several different options from several different lenders, and allow you to pick the best one for you. * Mileage 22,017 Miles; Transmission Auto ; Body Style Sedan ; Interior Color Beige ; Exterior Color Black ; Certified Used Car Center (251) 999-7361 Daphne, AL (2 mi) View … Thanks Bark! So now I have my dream daily driver for the price of a Camry—and a fairly cheap Camry, at that. And it looks like the Genesis brand won't stop at luxury sedans; it has been announced that they'll be branching off into the luxury SUV category in 2020 and beyond. I got the V8 version because I wanted something faster than the 3.8L and it’s my only vehicle so I don’t have an Accord race car or Focus RS to scratch any speed itch. Description: Used 2018 Genesis G80 with RWD, Navigation System, Keyless Entry, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Blind Spot Monitor, 18 Inch Wheels, Alloy Wheels, Heated Mirrors, Satellite Radio, and Seat Memory 2018 Genesis G80 56 Photos But there’s a resonant vibration around the gauge cluster caused by the single-mass flywheel I put in. Honestly, the car didn’t even come close to resembling the car I had seen on the website. Also surprisingly, the Lincoln MKT and Genesis G80 leapt to the top of almost any comparison that I could come up with. 2018 Genesis G80 with 6,831 miles for $32,998. CarMax St. Louis - Mid Rivers Mall, MO. Those of you who have been somewhat loyal Bark readers over the last eight years know that I always, and I do mean always purchase new. 2018 Genesis G80 Sport Sedan. Refused to buy the damn thing at any price; looking back he wouldn’t have driven that vehicle off for free. Obviously, I wasn’t going to find a new car that fit all of these qualifications, so I begrudgingly began to admit that it was time to go used car shopping. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 5 2017 G80 models in Virginia Beach. The 2017 A6s that are available in bulk and in my price range are 2.0T. $28,998 $538 Mo. It was nice until I turned on the climate control and we found out that Tobacco Road had been driven every day in that car. Welcome Hyundai Motor India Website. My ’05 6MT G35 is a pretty solid car @ 72K miles. Individually, none of these matters were particularly concerning. It still easily handles well enough to terrify my passengers. ). Hard to say. The higher transaction price probably is peanuts compared to an aggressive F&I ripoff. It gives you a better idea of what the dealer is really pricing the new car at, if they are playing games with the trade in. We went the CARMAX route with my wife’s ES 350 after her ES 300 was totaled. Again, depends on the amount of time that you’re willing or wanting to invest. Having a fixed price relieves the anxiety for most customers because everybody walks away feeling like they got the same deal anybody else in their shoes would have gotten. The Genesis G80 was introduced as an all-new luxury sedan for the 2017 model year, offering a spacious interior and a smooth ride. The interior was dingy. Their gt350 pricing was decent, and tempting (if only there weren’t the directive to get only an automatic…). Fuel Economy: It likes gas. The delivery experience was fantastic. * Good Deal. The one that you’ve said towers over you like Drago. One was a navy exterior with a tan interior, and one was a light gray with black interior. The G80 simply glides over imperfections in the pavement as though they didn’t exist. Both were $29,998, with an original MSRP of $54k, and both had around 22k on the clock I opted to have the navy car shipped to my local CarMax for $149, and I was pleased with my decision. I promised to return when the issues were resolved. Audi S5/A5/A6/A7 good Value. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 13 2017 G80 models in Houston.

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